Wednesday, January 11, 2006

The Journey of Ten Powers--From Personal Nonviolence to Community Organizing and Beyond--

Do you despair about the state of the world today and find yourself feeling angry and overwhelmed despite everything you do and know?

Would you like to know how to BE PEACE while you organize for peace?

Do you wish you could truly inspire all those who often feel too small and ordinary to make a difference?

Ordinary people from India to the U.S., from South America to Europe, Asia and Africa won civil and labor rights, undermined systems of oppression, dismantle military regimes, saved lives, awakened conscience and transformed entire societies without the use of force. These people were not extraordinary, special or different from you however, through their practice and discipline, they accessed an inner strength, a power and a dignity they did not know they had. They discovered the power of Soul Force and learned how to use it and be used by it. They not only had the courage to act but also the patience to win

What was it that made Nelson Mandela so powerful that the whole world flocked to him after 27 years on Robben Island? How does Aung San Suu Kyi continue to inspire the resistance in Burma despite years of house arrest and total isolation? What enables the Dalai Lama to preach compassion and practice equanimity despite the systematic oppression of his people in Tibet? How was Gandhi able to transform a culture of fear and powerlessness among the people of India thereby bringing the British Empire to its knees? How did sharecroppers, college students and disenfranchised people of color under the leadership of Martin Luther King Jr. awaken the conscience of America? And what is the power that for over 50 years continues to sustain Dr. A.T. Ariyaratne and the largest people development movement in Sri-Lanka with a network of 15,000 villages, 34 district offices, more than 100,000 youth and the country largest micro-credit organization?

It is the power of SoulForce!

SoulForce, is not a charisma, a special inborn talent or a miracle. It is a practice, a discipline, a strategy and a set of skills YOU too can have. With SoulForce, your activism will go the extra mile and you will feel more powerful, more peaceful and more inspired as you make a greater difference in your family, neighborhood, workplace, nation and the world. Learn these principles, practices, and strategies of nonviolence from the personal practice to community organizing and beyond. Be effective. Live powerfully as a peacemaker.

"Every action for peace requires someone to exhibit the courage to challenge the violence and inspire love”. 
~Thich Nhat Hanh

The 10 Week Journey:

#1 The Power of VISION--- Learn How to Master Creative Tension

#2 The Power of PURIFICATION---Learn to Transform Your Own Suffering

#3 The Power of COMPASSION---Learn to Heal the Suffering of Others

The Power of ACTION---Learn How to Harness Soul Force

The Power of SELF-FORGIVENESS---Learn How to Restore True Identity

The Power of FORGIVENESS---Learn How to Break the Cycle of Violence

#7 The Power of ORGANIZING---Learn What Builds a Movement

The Power of SACRIFICE---Learn How to Unleash a Redeeming Power

The Power of ARTS & CULTURE---Learn How to Create a Revolution of Spirit

#10 The Power of COMMUNITY---Build the Beloved Community

Copyright © 2004-2006 Eisha Mason & Michal Golan

"We have the power to change our world. The truth is that we do make a difference. Everything we do, say, and think shapes our reality. It is time that we join our bodies, minds, hearts, spirits, and voices and call for peace”. -
- Julia "Butterfly" Hill

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What Participants are Saying:

“SoulForce is the most influential class I have ever taken in my entire life. Not only did it change my life forever but It totally transformed the way I run my business and how I show up in the world. As time goes by, I realize that the roots are reaching much further than I imagined” --Jasmin Knauer, Business Owner 

"... I was able to move beyond self-limitations and judgments that stayed with me since childhood. I deepened my understanding of the work of Gandhi and Dr. King... and I came to comprehend the power and commitment associated with peaceful resistance to oppression, and especially the great sacrifice they each made... The course provides an opportunity to critically deal with the political and legal forces that define government and a method to evaluate the effects of institutions in a manner that was not available to me in the past.. a way to examine the impact of social movements where committed human beings can participate peacefully and improve social conditions. Thank you for creating a trusting, supportive and stimulating environment. --Michael H. White, Lawyer

“Before, I was afraid to be a peacemaker because I believed it meant being a victim; I was taught that if I stood for peace or raised my voice as a peacemaker, something terrible would happen. I did not believe or understand that peace could be achieved through nonviolent organizing. Now…I feel liberated!”
--Joanne Jackson

“The most important thing I learned is that I am not alone… There are alternatives to war and violence… A
nother way is possible and it’s practical and achievable. I learned that I am part of a distinguished group of many of the greatest minds the world has ever known. I am one of the givers, the lovers, the peacemakers. I know… the true power of my beliefs and my actions and now, when used effectively, they can transform the world.” --Michele Hutchins, Activist 

‘This course was life affirming, intellectual, emotional, spiritual, personal and communal; transformation that fed my soul... Soulforce rocks!”. --Susanna Barkataki, Teacher 

"I learned more about myself and how I view the world around me than in my first 40 years of life.. This course has provided the foundation for practicing a life of nonviolent action. It provides the tools to self assess, to guide me in my interactions at work and with my family.....Thank you for providing a life transforming experience. There are no words to describe my gratitude… Awesome, transformational, life changing..." --Lisa Carroll

Eisha Mason is co-founder of Soulforce Trainings. For 20 years, she has developed, directed and facilitated programs that empower individuals to harness the power of "soulforce" for personal transformation, social justice and peacemaking. Former Executive Director of the Center for the Advancement of Nonviolence and currently, Regional Director of the American Friends Service Committee in the Pacific Southwest, Eisha is an activist, speaker, author and teacher of nonviolence. She is contributor to How to Stop the Next War Now, co-author of 64 Ways to Practice Nonviolence Curriculum and Resource Guide and was the host of The Morning Review on KPFK (90.7FM). Eisha has maintained a private practice of spiritual counseling in the Los Angeles area for over 20 years.

Michal Golan Co-founder of Soulforce Trainings, has been dedicated to advancing consciousness for peace, healing and social transformation since she can remember herself. Michal was a founding member of The Center for the Advancement of Nonviolence (’97) and served as Director of Training (’04-’06).  Prior to that, she worked as a trainer at the County of Los Angeles Dept of Public Social Services (DPSS) for 5 years. Michal is also a Certified Diversity Trainer, Spiritual Counselor and a Theta Healing facilitator.  Michal earned her Bachelor of Science from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. She maintains a private practice and leads seminars in Israel & abroad.